Just Us Place


Institution:  The City of Tampa

Site:  Tampa City Center at Hanna Avenue

Award:  City Center at Hanna Avenue Commission

Date Proposed:  August 18th, 2022

Status: Finalist (Unrealized)

Installation: N/A



Just Us Place provides an inviting space to contemplate the beauty in the diversity of the people of Tampa.


The form is a Civic Space designed to highlight Demos Kratia (people power). The shade of the form can be used by neighborhood residents as place in which to lounge, exercise and gather. The form is illuminated by sunlight and artificial light filtered through the projection perforations that describe the many different identities that inhabit Tampa, from its origins until the present moment. Some of the projection perforations will be enhanced by visual symbols added by six artists from Tampa. The form includes, at viewer height, information on a variety of the identities from the perspective of six historians from Tampa.


Just Us Place will be roughly 60 feet high 200’ long x 150’ wide. The form will be constructed from lightweight aluminum sheets and supported by structural steel beams and anchored posts. The open space will allow the community to convene and engage in activities in the soft light and comforting shade of the civic form.


Just Us Place provides an integrated image of Tampa that includes all walks of life.