in_authentic_b  ::  artist statement  ::  2003 - 2006

in_authentic_b is a multimedia installation project... a near feature-length multi-channel project that encompasses an exploration of two locations, London and Ghana. The 9 single channel video modules and site specific drawings & sculptural objects developed to refer to them that comprise this work are designed to operate in a space together – integrating the two sites. The project’s goal is to explore the gulf of space between African and African-American identity, communication and social ritual within the international context of the artist’s biological and surrogate families. 


invisible_C: i_prague_2 (from trebesice), FUTURA centre for contemporary art, Prague, Czech Republic  ::  2006




in_authentic_b the video... presents a world in flux.  We are placed intimately, face to face, with a game, a child and an abstraction beyond recognition at a glance.  The subject of our vision has multiple layers.  The subject is a football game and also a complex network of transmission and coded representation.  The image is complete but, oddly, still needs processing.  We do the assembly work - fail - succeed - question - and mend the poetic gaps in syntax.

Please find below more samples from the 9 channels of video in the installation.