alpha braille  ::  artist statement  ::  2002 - 2004

My body is an automated broadcast tower constantly sending coded signals and messages.   This language is overlooked and unrecorded. Alpha_Braille is a series of video work that examines the complexities of the coded body and the mistranslation of its messages. Fascinated, I observe the patterns and rhythms. I see and record a space between the conscious words and thoughts and the involuntary actions and feelings that accompany them. If I focus closely I can see how often they disagree.


Travel and displacement create exciting communication gaps and chaos. Will my signal communicate beyond my personal or national identity? The components, gesture and movement, seem to be universal - how long will that assumption hold true? Is it the way I stand? Can I walk like a Frenchman? The answers to these questions are simply more fuel for the fire of my broadcast.