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Spook™ Poster: The OTHER Three Musketeers, 60" x 42", Graphite & Digital Print Collage on Paper, 2007
Spook™ Poster: The OTHER Three Musketeers, 60" x 42", Graphite & Digital Print Collage on Paper, 2007

The Spook™ project tells the true story of James Armistead Lafayette, a slave who becomes a spy for America's first director of central intelligence, George Washington. The project focuses on making images and cultural activities that reconstruct this forgotten Founding Father.



Kenseth Armstead: INFERNO


Kenseth Armstead’s INFERNO is a series of graphic novel–inspired drawings that depict the true life story of the slave turned spy James Armistead Lafayette. The drawings explore intimately the journey of Armistead Lafayette from the plantation to becoming a double agent on the front lines of the American Revolution.


INFERNO is a first person investigation of the African-American experience inside the Revolution from the perspective of a historical figure, opening up the war, for the first time, to a new cast of heroes. Armistead Lafayette's task to provide information and disinformation has been mostly lost to history. Describing Armstead’s drawings, critic Mayukh Sen has written that the story is “alive in every frame, from detailed humanistic close-ups of Armistead to lush renders of landscape. … [The project] fosters the sort of complex historical dialogue that some of the greatest graphic novels of the modern era, from Maus to Persepolis, has ignited.” Like Art Spiegelman’s Maus and Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, INFERNO is a provocative combination of political history and memoir.


happening 2014:

Climate March "Warm-up"

La Casita Verde

Saturday, Sept. 20th, 1-4pm
451 Bedford Avenue

South Williamsburg, Brooklyn



Olana State Historic Site

5720 Route 9G Hudson

September 13th, 2pm - 6pm


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July 2014


happened 2013:

- Peace. Love. Insurgency.

Furthermore Gallery

Washington, DC

November 2nd - 24th



Churner and Churner

New York, New York

February 07th - March 16th


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