Master Work: Astoria Houses, Building 24
Master Work: Astoria Houses, Building 24, Stainless steel, tar, feathers, 18' x 38' x 38', 2015 (photographed by Nate Dorr)


Master Work: Astoria Houses at Socrates Sculpture Park September 27th, 2015 - March 13, 2016:


Master Work: Astoria Houses, Building 24 maps the footprint of a single tower of the Astoria Houses, home to over 3,100 individuals and located just north of Socrates Sculpture park. Composed of stainless steel tubing and mixed media, the installation marks the outline of the building’s form in a reduced yet impressive scale. Unlike the eponymous housing tower, which is composed of solid brick and cement, Armstead’s Master Work: Astoria Houses are minimal and porous, allowing light, visitors, and the landscape to filter through the structure in an active, inviting manner.


Master Work is the most recent work from the series Farther Land which reflects upon the legacy of the founders’ high ideals and the penalty for deviation from them as ambivalent objects. The series responds to the age of revolution and the founders’ declaration that “all men are created equal” with irony and suggestive material content.


Master Work installation images and other works from Farther Land.

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Kenseth Armstead is a multimedia installation artist. His works have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art; the Brooklyn Museum; The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; the Studio Museum in Harlem; the Berlin VideoFest; and the MIT List Visual Arts Center. His videos, drawings and sculptures are included in the collections of the Centre Pompidou, African American Museum in Dallas, Texas and numerous public and private collections. The New York Times, L Magazine, Art in America, Village Voice, The Boston Globe and The Washington Post have favorably reviewed his videos, sculptures and multimedia installations.


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